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Title: ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) Project - Blockchain, Decentralized Exchange, Mobile-App.
Post by: ExzoCoin on June 05, 2021, 10:37:55 PM
💎  EX̲Z̲O̲C̲O̲I̲N̲ | Wallet & DEX App Coming in 4-5 Weeks | 100% Doxxed Devs | 2-3 AMA's Weekly | CERTIK AUDIT COMPLETED PRE-LAUNCH 💎

💎  EX̲Z̲O̲C̲O̲I̲N̲ 💎  

💎 CERTIK Audit Completed Pre-Launch 💎

100% DOXXED Developers and a Legitimate Project!
The next big project to hit the crypto space🚀
ExzoCoin is ready to become the next leader on all fronts in the crypto marketplace by building next-generation blockchain technology and platforms to assist the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology across the entire world.
Their plans consist of building out multiple platforms with a major focus on being EASY TO USE AND USER FRIENDLY.
While focusing on reducing rug pulls and scams within the cryptocurrency community to bring back trust to the marketplace by the implementation of a verified & background-checked developer launchpad for fully DOXXED and verified developers.

Timeline for the Technology and Platforms Being Built:
✅ Decentralized Exchange Mobile App & Wallet With Devs Able to list their own Coins/Tokens with a verified user functionality to improve the legitimacy of projects and reduce the risk of rug pulls and scams.
Timeline = 4-5 Weeks for the launch of the Beta App for the community to test.

✅ Decentralized Exchange Web Application: ~6-8 Weeks.

✅ NFT Marketplace: ~8-10 weeks

✅ Launchpad Web App: 15-20 Weeks.

✅ Blockchain: 12-24 Months depending on growth, developers on the team, and technology improvements.

💎 Tokenomics 💎
-  15,000,000,000 Total Supply (15 Billion) 🔥
- Manual Burn. 🔥
- 2% Transaction Fee. ✅
- 2% Automatic Liquidity. ✅
- 2% Redistribution
- Fully doxxed team of devs ✅
- Fast-growing telegram community🚀
- CERTIK.IO Audit Completed ✅
- 17m followers of influencers set for promo‼️
- Locked Dev Wallets. ✅
- 🚀 Fully transparent with the community.
- 💎 Liquidity locked for 1 year 💎

🗾 Unicrypt Crowdsale link:

Smart Contract Address: 0x48f326b53eae82399f96dc458b3eac9fa6a86f50

🔳 Official Links
🔻 Website:
🔻 Tg Group:

This is not financial advice, please do your own research.
Disclaimer: ExzoCoin is a utility token to be utilized on all of their platforms and for their services it does not hold any ownership of the company itself and is not linked to their revenue, growth, or performance. They are conducting a crowdfunding campaign to raise the initial capital to build out these platforms along with the ability to launch their token for it to be brought into the marketplace for people to utilize it on their platforms once they are launched.

Title: Re: ExzoCoin Project - Blockchain, Decentralized Exchange, Mobile-App.
Post by: aberatioictus on June 05, 2021, 10:46:54 PM
You made me register here after 3 years as a reader to let you know, that I really love your ideas! Wish you guys the best!