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DeFi or “decentralized finance” is an all-encompassing term that refers to the digital assets, decentralized applications (DApps), financial smart contracts, and protocols that run on top of public blockchains like TRON. Public blockchains have several highly disruptive properties.
Decentralization: Every node in the network maintains a copy of all the data stored inside the blockchain, negating the need for a centralized authority. Imagine a decentralized bank or a finance system that’s not dependent on the whims on a central regulator. That’s one of the most exciting promises of DeFi.
Transparency: Since everyone in the network maintains a copy of the blockchain, all the data stored inside is open for them to see.
Permissionless: A public blockchain, as opposed to a permissioned/private one, is open for everyone. By utilizing this property, DeFis will be able to create an open system where people from around the world - who don’t have access to sophisticated financial services - can participate without going through extensive red-tape.
Trustless: In a decentralized system, individual nodes have an economic incentive to work in the interest of the system. This is in stark contrast to the traditional financial system where you need to trust a centralized governing body to do their job well.
Censorship Resistance: Blockchains leverage sophisticated cryptographic hash functions to be completely immutable. In other words, once you enter some data into the blockchain,
no one can tamper with it.
Programmable: Public blockchains like TRON and EOS are open-source systems and they welcome developers from all around the world to create their own unique applications on top of them. This openness to innovation has led to the creation of some fantastic DeFi applications.


The idea behind the creation of YTV is to provide a Decentralized Financial platform to community and our users can take profit from our services and products.
We connect “everything” to community, but first we try to bring something benefit and save. In this way we connect products and services with investors, buyers and affiliates. This creates an economic cycle from which everyone benefits. YTV as the platform's role has the focus to offer a very good infrastructure for the connection of sevices and products as well as investors and buyers. At the same time there is a quality control of projects published on the platform.
Starting as a centralized entity, where optimizations can be carried out the aim is to become finally a fully decentralized financial platform.

YTV Coin (YTV)

YTV created its own Utility Token – YTVCoin(YTV) that is running on the Tron Blockchain. And we rolling out a centralized platform first.
- Total Supply: YTV
- Community: 800.000.000 YTV (805)
- Team development: 40.000.000 YTV (4%)
- Airdrop:20.000.000 YTV (2%)
- Bounty: 20.000.000 YTV (2%)
- Employee Incentive: 10.000.000 YTV (1%)
- Company Backup: 10.000.000 YTV (1%)
- Founders: 100.000.000 YTV (10%)

Distribution Plan

ICOs total: 40.000.000 YTV
- Presale: 10.000.000 YTV
- Stage 1: 10.000.000 YTV
- Stage 2: 10.000.000 YTV
- Stage 3: 10.000.000 YTV YTV 800.000.000 YTV (80%) 40.000.000 YTV (4%) 20.000.000 YTV (2%) 20.000.000 YTV (2%) 10.000.000 YTV (1%) 10.000.000 YTV (1%) 100.000.000 YTV (10%)
Presale: Start on Dec 2020 and will be closed after 45 days. All the token did not sold will be burn and we will start stage 1.
The same as Presale, we will burn all the token did not sold in Stage 1, Stage 2 and stage 3.

Whitepaper (
Website (