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Title: [ANN] JERA a new token for an emerging ecosystem 🚀🚀🚀
Post by: Jera token on June 19, 2021, 11:51:45 PM

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JERA is a token created in the Binance Smartchain, which seeks to allow its users to acquire different products or services belonging to the JERA ecosystem, this ecosystem is in a constant search for new partners, who will accept payments partially or totally, allowing them to Community members can make payments with minimal costs for each transaction with the security and speed that the Smartchain allows, the JERA ecosystem is starting, we want this ecosystem to allow collaboration between all its members, creating a synergy such that it is achieved have a reliable project, JERA had pre-sale stages announced only in Colombia this because our partners are located in this country, the pre-sale phases began on March 15th 2021, each phase had a duration of 15 days, with prices of 4, 5, 6 and 7.5 cents respectively.

We know that the launch of a token like JERA and the creation of a great ecosystem is not simple and that it will not go far very quickly without due support, that is why we want to be honest with every move or decision that is made, that is why the decision was made to publish the addresses in which a certain amount of coins were distributed for other purposes such as advertising or payment to partners also the team members.

Project Info

Create and organize an ecosystem in which the token can be exchanged for services or products with partial or total payments, creating alliances with different partners or providing services on their own that accept 100% payment in JERA.
For JERA it is extremely important to grow exponentially, this would be achieved by working as a team, so that each of the members of our ecosystem is benefited, thus guaranteeing 100% security for those who support our project, given the importance that is gives JERA members our system becomes totally decentralized and this allows creating a link of ownership, loyalty and active participation for the growth of our ecosystem.

  • Having, over time, a community that provides support to the ecosystem that is being created, which would facilitate the process of adoption by new members, thanks to all current and future associates who have experience in their fields, it is possible. Give usability to the token, so that JERA members can acquire all kinds of goods and services.
    using our token as a means of payment in our projects, thus enhancing the use of JERA.
  • To be able to create different service options in which JERA is accepted in its entirety as a means of payment, eliminating the use of cash.
  • To be recognized as a token with a broad ecosystem for use both in services and in the purchase of products, in which our partners and users feel security and trust when making transactions with JERA.
  • A long-term objective is to be able to have an ecosystem of such magnitude, that it is necessary to create a jera market that will function as a marketplace in which the greatest benefit is to obtain discounts or products using mainly JERA, but without neglecting other cryptocurrencies and conventional means of payment.

     Token Specifications:

  • Name: JERA
  • Ticker: JERA
  • Decimals: 18
  • Max Supply: 15.000.000
  • Chain: Smartchain (BEP20)
  • Premine:15.000.000

     Token Distribution:

  • 12 million will be available for sale (includes pre-sale coins).
  • 2.8 million are out of circulation and will only enter circulation, to pay both partners and listed in exchanges that have as one of their requirements part of the payment in value of the token, the following address in the Smartchain is the one that will have the amount destined : 0x977332f0a5E4782241133138d3Bc2de1d7EE77c9 (
  • The remaining 200 thousand coins will be used both as recognition to team members (1000 coins per member no more no less) and advertising payments if required, these coins can be tracked through the following address: 0x5A25A4ab82F5550531723930A30E68CA2c56F012 (

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