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Title: [PRE-ANN][BABYPOO] Baby Poocoin Reflections in Poocoin Token
Post by: daddytoken on July 22, 2021, 03:45:02 PM

BabyPoo: A revolutionary idea that supports Orphaned Kids in 3rd world countries.

BabyPoo: A revolutionary idea

BabyPoo prides itself for being at the forefront of the shitcoin industry. Why? Our reward tokenomics are unlike any others. We do not offer rewards in unstable and bearish BTC or BNB, nor do we promise the stable and boring BUSD.

Every 60 minutes, we reward our holders with PooCoin Tokens! This twist on our reward feature allows for endless possibilities, the most important being: infinite upside for investors.

The PooCoin Token already has a massive following, a large market cap, and a substantial liquidity pool. It is the native currency of PooCoin, which is by far the most recognized website in the shitcoin industry. Not one shitcoin investor, new or old, hasn’t heard or used PooCoin at least once. Thanks to its popularity, the PooCoin website is also a money making machine, generating hundreds of thousands (yes, hundreds of thousands) of dollars of ad revenue every DAY! While overlooked as such, the PooCoin platform is one of the key players in the shitcoin industry, and is definitely here to stay. The implications for the PooCoin token are therefore infinite: it’s user base is growing at an exponential rate, and it’s utility will widen as well.

The PooCoin token is already used by many to unlock premium features on the PooCoin website. Similarly to Youtube and other social media platforms, paying to get rid of ads will become common practice as the ads take more and more screen space, and the PooCoin token will gain even more popularity. But these are only examples. Very few tokens already have a money making platform to back their projects, and we see infinite potential in the PooCoin token.

With BabyPoo, we reward you with the future of the AltCoin industry!
Hold onto your investment, and most importantly: hold onto your rewards!!!

Another key element of BabyPoo is it’s meme potential. The “PooCoin” connection allows for incredibly easy marketing, and unlocks a wide array of marketing strategies unavailable to other projects in the smart chain.

Our innovative approach to rewarding holders:

No team has successfully launched a token that gives PooCoin tokens as rewards. While this might not change the intrinsic value of our rewards, our approach is a true innovation. Most other projects reward their holders with a well-known token, with the hope of creating attention and giving holders the impression of riches. What most investors in BNB/BUSD reward tokens have faced is the following: after the first few days of trading, where volume is high, holders receive little to no reflections. The promise of giant rewards die down, and so does the hype.

We are different: We reward our holders with even more bang for their buck, and with a coin that has HUGE potential for growth. The rewards are therefore compounded, and holders are awarded with the promise of a better future, instead of a stable coin.

Our Meme potential:

What do babies do? They poop. Exactly.

BabyPoo is a name you’ll remember. As a matter of fact, everyone will remember it.

This facilitates the most important part in the life of a shitcoin: it’s marketing. Without marketing, all the projects in the DeFi space would die right after launch, or never leave the ground. But with a catchy name, a fun ‘meme-able’ concept, and our groundbreaking reward tokenomic, you’re guaranteed to hear about us everywhere.

Want proof: How did you find yourself reading this whitepaper? In short, our team is leveraging the idea of brand recall, which is a marketing approach based on using an external brand name to our advantage, and propelling our own name in the same customer sphere. With BabyPoo and PooCoin, the potential for leverage is much greater than BNB/BUSD reward tokens: we have the first mover advantage, our branding is unique and therefore less exposed to competition, and we argue that our rewards yield more value to holders.

Our Full-Proof approach

Holders and believers in any given project have to fight FUD from uneducated, inexperienced, or unsatisfied investors or seeking investors. This has, unfortunately, become part of the life cycle of any coin. However, with our full-proof approach, we guarantee that FUD will be non-existent.

Our developer and lead coder is Monkey Shanti: well-known in the crypto sphere, and regarded by many as the best in the field

We will obtain an audit prior to launch

Our lead developer is Doxxed - His name is Jered Reynolds

The project is marketed by the reputable Blockchain Pros - Harry Knight and Dave Kardon (

Our team is numerous, and we are committed to constant community interactions and presence in chat (read more below!)

We will hold a whitelisted pre-sale, to avoid any type of bots

Our contract will prevent bots at launch, with a Max transaction amount, and a cooldown period between transactions

Our private sale will be organized in a transparent, first come first serve basis

Our liquidity will be locked for 1 full year by DxSale, 

In short, we left no stones unturned. Our community will focus instead on having FUN, shilling our project, and spreading words of praise about BabyPoo!

The BabyPoo Token

With our experience in the DeFi space, we understood that cool tokenomics and features come at a price: high tax. However, many beginner investors are scared off by higher tax numbers, not grasping the potential gains yielded by each taxed transaction. For BabyPoo, we tried finding the right balance.

Pookenomics: Total Tax: 15%
LP: 5% of each transaction is sent to the liquidity pool, to create a floor price and guarantee liquidity for future transactions
PooCoin Rewards: 5% of each transaction is automatically converted to PooCoin tokens, and distributed amongst holders every 60 minutes
Marketing and Development: 5% of each transaction is sent to a Marketing wallet, to guarantee perennial funds for Marketing

As we previously mentioned, Marketing is the most important factor in the growth and life of a coin. Having a marketing tax is the difference between a short and long-term project. Running out of Marketing funds is synonymous with the end of a coin, and having a “marketing wallet” is inefficient, in the sense that it requires the developer to do a “one time” sell and affect the price chart of the token. Having a marketing fee, however, guarantees that as long as trading volume is reasonably high, funds are being put at the service of marketing and growth of the project.

Our Team: Why us?

We want to create something everyone can be proud of. A project with a smooth looking long term chart, led by developers with good intentions and a team that wants to create sustainable growth for investors.

We believe this can only be achieved by being fully transparent. In that sense, we are not shying away from the fact that most tokens in the defi space are genuinely lacking “intrinsic value”, and we have adjusted our approach accordingly.

Moving forward, all we want is to create a fun environment and unite our community behind one goal: The Moon. Learning from our own experience, and previously successful projects, we believe there is no reason to shy away from the truth, and leverage it to our advantage.

We are BabyPoo, the token which rewards holders in PooCoins. And with the help of our community, we will make history.

How do we Moon?

By each playing our part. An important lesson from the time our team has spent in the Defi space is the following: community engagement is as important as marketing, and having a strong united community is essential to attract more investors.

Telegram community groups, a common occurrence in the Defi Space, are a “landing page” for new investors. They serve to inform the community about new developments and marketing updates, as well as help newcomers get familiar with the project and make the decision to invest, or not, in that project.

Telegram groups are therefore an asset, in real business terms, which must be leveraged in the benefit of the project. How to do so?

For BabyPoo, we plan to engage the community beyond standard practice, as we wish to implement multiple strategies to get the community to help and support our project.

By creating contests and challenges, which will be rewarded in BNB from the Marketing Wallet, community members will be encouraged to participate in the community effort to shill and promote the coin. These contests will be fun, but always centered around the idea of promoting the BabyPoo concept. A few examples are: Who can share a post the most, who can create the funniest BabyPoo meme, etc.

→ The community action software, which we will use to create our whitelisted pre-sale, will serve to run these contests, and award winners accordingly!

By encouraging each community member to advocate for a particular charity, to which we will donate real dollars, again from the Marketing Wallet, once every week

By having a voice chat constantly open in the early stages of the life of our coin, to discuss our project ideas with newcomers, spend time with current investors, and devise upcoming marketing plans with the community. Staying in touch is important, especially in the early stages of the life of a coin, and we are dedicating all our time, energy and attention to BabyPoo.

All in all, we will guarantee that our biggest asset, our community, is not passive, but is instead working happily in helping the growth of the coin.

Join our community at: (

Title: Re: [PRE-ANN][BABYPOO] Baby Poocoin Reflections in Poocoin Token
Post by: nikmunday on July 22, 2021, 04:10:33 PM
Thank you!  I feel lucky to have found this at such early days, what a fantastic idea.  Rewarding holders with reflections of a something like PooCoin is so much more exciting than receiving stablecoins or BTC, PooCoin is absolutely one of the most recognisable names out there in the BSC wild west, I use it every day!  Not only that but the token peaked trading at around $13 not so long ago, will be holding onto these rewards for that reason, and to stake for premium tools. 

To the future!