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Title: Unregistered Securities SEC Crypto Regulations & Investor Protection Questions
Post by: very_452001 on August 04, 2021, 10:09:14 PM
The Head of the SEC Gary said the upcoming crypto regulation is on Unregistered securities which is illegal.

When looking for altcoins on CoinMarketCap, how do we know which Alts raised money through ICO's?

So any Altcoin that raised money/capital from the beginning to fund its project is a Unregistered Security?

Are all POS coins come under Securities because POS coins can be sold straight away to raise money for the Alt project at the beginning because no waiting/mining is required on POS coins right?

Which ERC-20 coins or POS coins/projects did not need raised money from its beginning from investors?

So only POW coins like Bitcoin are exempt from this new regulation? But POW coins might face new energy wastage global warming regulation  ???

When Gary says protections for Investors in crypto does he mean FDIC or SPIC Insurance protection? If so how this is implemented in crypto like it already is in Traditional Banks?

So all upcoming regulations and protections from the SEC only applies to USA based crypto alt projects & USA based crypto exchanges? If not then how can SEC regulate alts and exchanges outside of the USA because it is out of their jurisdiction correct? For example can the SEC have the jurisdiction & Power to shut down Chines Binance?

Lastly which altcoins are legal and registered as Securities with the SEC filings?

Finally the XRP Ripple Case, what is Ripple XRP main defence against the unregistered security allegation against them? If these upcoming regulations come into law soon before Ripple case is finished then Ripple will lose right?