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Title: GuestCrew Coin $Earn Free$ Share Content and Earn Free Coins - BTC | Eth | BNB
Post by: uttoransen on September 20, 2021, 02:06:37 PM
Hello Friends,

It's been an age - we had been developing GuestCrew so that people can share content on the social media - earn coins - and well, that is about it as far as this section of micro earnings are considered.

It will be a bit too much to call it a faucet - it is a micro earning opportunity.

So how it works?

Join -

Navigate to the offers section -
(Facebook is still under works - twitter and linkedin share works.)

Earn coins - you can earn an unlimited amount of coins, or as many as the offers exists. More offers are added everyday.

The coins that you earn are system generated tokens and not crypto coins. Our system is still under development and as a test we are going to send 100 GuestCrew Coins per person (Actual Crypto Tokens) - exclusively on this thread. Eventually, we will roll out the new system for everyone - so that you can automatically get crypto coins in exchange of the system generated coins you earn on GuestCrew.

So, if you have understood this far - then after earning the coins from the offers section, navigate to "Donate coins" -

Where it says - "To which person you wish to donate?"
Enter my Userid - uttoransen

Where it says - "Select type of coins you wish to donate:"
Enter - "Earned"

Where it says - "Amount" - 100

Where it says - "Reason" - Enter your "BNB smart chain wallet ID for custom token GuestCoin"

You don't know how to get your wallet ID then simply download "TrustWallet" in your mobile and add custom token - GuestCoin and you will get your wallet id.

I know it is difficult so I have made a small video explaining the process :

That is pretty much it - hope you guys like this idea. There's tons of useless tokens around - but here we have the GuestCrew ecosystem backing our coin - but that is almost nothing unless you support us!

Happy earning,
Uttoran Sen

Title: Re: GuestCrew Coin $Earn Free$ Share Content and Earn Free Coins - BTC | Eth | BNB
Post by: Saisher on September 22, 2021, 01:42:28 AM
This is a good idea, you want to create a buzz about people and content but you should start creating a buzz on your project first and you can do that by getting a copper account, a copper account is very important for developers so they can promote their project effectively by posting images and pictures to attract more readers and visitors from Bitocintalk.