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Title: Tropiky Corporation - Discover Our Services For The Agricultural Industry
Post by: Tropikycorp on October 11, 2021, 10:38:04 PM
Tropiky Corporation has a variety of services to offer, from investment services, to advertisement, and even real estate finance. With our innovation of integrating blockchain technology along with the agricultural industry, we came to the conclusion that the sky is the limit. We can modernize farming in a broad spectrum as well as show transparency to our local/global farm owners and produce retailers. With this efficient technology we have diversified real-time production, sales, commodity monitoring, and asset stability. Our independent blockchain is built to work with all types of business's and farming concepts. We have plenty to offer now, and even more coming in the near future.

*For Investors*
Our ICO (Initial Coin Offer) has launched and is now live! Tropiky ($TRK) is set at $0.01 per coin (share)
We offer 3 ICO Packages with a variation on the lock periods your initial investment will be returned with 50%,100%, or 200%.

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