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Post by: BayAngelo on November 10, 2021, 03:23:49 PM
Honestly, i am disappointed with the rate at which transactions last on the so called mighty Dex exchanges. i have spend hours trying to exchange USDC TO BUSD on several BSC platforms. i have wiped my metamask, clear history, try reset my account but it stills lingers and slow.

What is really going on? We complained about ethereum High gas fees and started looking for a solution. Banance introduced their side chain and attracts huge trades. Now we are stuck again. Not high fees this time but waiting for our transactions to go tru. some times it takes hours for your balance to appear on the exchange.

i believed that with the alarming rate at which New projects keeps pumping out everyday, I will also get to fantom, and the rest ethereum smart contract.

As I write this post. My metamask flash a message "THE PAGE HAS CRASHED".

So I asked what is the solution to all these problems. should we go back to centralized exchanges? apart from security. Prices are fixed and they are aligned with most crypto information sites like coinmarketcap.

the so-called dex pull out prices I don't even know where they got it from. was trying to exchange 1500 USD to BUSD. Pancake gave me 1490busd. bakery swap gave me 1430BUSD.