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Title: [ANN]PhotoChromic features in MarketWatch
Post by: photochromic on December 10, 2021, 06:56:30 PM
PhotoChromic, a blockchain protocol enabling ownership and control of user identity back to the individual, asserts that self-sovereign identity and decentralized identity are the key elements to unlock maximum security, privacy, and utility. The introductory idea behind the internet was to create a digital network that enables connectivity and utilization of digital services. Although, the developers involved in the initial architecture did not create a native identity security layer for people.

This shortcoming has led to people's identities being stolen and misused. With the emergence of Web3, the world has seen a significant improvement in identity management. While Web3 has begun to address several problems, it still cannot give unfettered access to the user's identity back to the users. With the introduction of blockchain technology, a new concept of decentralized identity evolved as a critical technological priority to enhance native Web3 applications. A robust decentralized identity infrastructure, such as PhotoChromic, can effectively solve the issue of identity theft and create a safer private space for users.

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Title: Security & Privacy with PhotoChromic
Post by: photochromic on December 13, 2021, 06:20:42 AM
The security of your digital identity is critical. More than 90% of people surveyed by PhotoChromic do not trust that their data is secure online.

That is why Photochromic puts user privacy at the core of its protocol. How do they do that?

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