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Title: Blue chip capital
Post by: Bluechipcapital on January 20, 2022, 04:20:15 PM
$BCC is a yield aggregator protocol specifically targeting the NFT space. $BCC’s analysts will strategically buy NFTs through whitelists/public-mints or secondary markets. The yield and resale profits generated from these sales will be used to buy back $BCC.
NFT supercharger
 NFT's are becoming more and more mainstream, a flood of new projects are entering the market. With that, the potential for bad actors has become increasingly high. Keeping up with all these new projects across chains is a daunting task on your own; it takes time, liquidity, and know-how to be consistently successful.  $BCC takes the complexities and time away from the average user traveling throughout the NFT space. Our team and advisors all have access to groundbreaking NFT startup projects and can properly determine value on existing projects. We will use our expertise along with a team of advisors to buy and sell NFTs for profit. That profit will then be added to the $BCC price floor.