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Title: Advertise on
Post by: on January 23, 2022, 07:14:13 AM
Coinalap ( is a Bengali cryptocurrency news site. We have been active for the last year. We are now looking for advertisers who can promote their service, ICO project etc on our platform.

Here are some details of the platform-

Unique visitors in 2021: 6306 (400 from organic search)
Page views in 2021: 11069

Unique visitors in 2022: 2797 (127 from organic search
Page views in 2022: 4991

Most of our visitors are from Bangladesh. However, here are top 3 visitors country with data.

In 2021:
1. Bangladesh: 9127
2. India: 462
3. United States: 368

In 2022:
1. Bangladesh: 4183
2. United States: 263
3. India: 144

In 2021, we were mostly inactive due to a lot of factors. We didnít have enough writers back then. I was the one man army to handle everything but now we are a team of 4 members with 2 people publishing news actively. We are looking for expanding the contents/news into more. We are ready to explore this year with a great marketing plan. Coinalap is now a growing news site and looking for being the most trusted cryptocurrency news source in Bengali.

Auction rules:
1. The auction is applied for 1 month only. (We are looking for custom deal for long time.)
2. The auction is for a head banner (728*90), it will be placed to the top of our website.
3. For a one month of promotion, the minimum bid/starting bid is $50.
4. Minimum bid increment $5, if someone places a bid of $50, the next bid will be $55 or above.
5. Payable with BTC only.
6. I reserve the right to disqualify any bid if I believe the service/project is a scam.
7. If someone doesnít pay after winning the bid, the previous valid bid will be the winner.
8. Auction will be closed at 31/01/2022 (UTC time)

PS- I'm ready to provide you any data you would look for the verification purpose. We are always promoted to the biggest cryptocurrency group in Bangladesh with a member of 50000. Apart from that, our article is shared in 2 more cryptocurrency groups. For reaching out more users, we are looking for collaboration and paid marketing with most of the local youtube channel and groups.