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Title: pStake’s pBridge
Post by: Bitcoinsama on February 18, 2022, 04:37:09 PM
The pBridge ( cross-chain protocol for pStake is composed of 2 different layers. There is MLL, which stands for Middle Layer Logic, and MPC, which stands for Multiparty Computation. From a general view, the Middle Layer Logic serves as a storage for destination transaction messages that are placed in a queue.The Multiparty Computation makes sure that every transaction is executed by the pool of Bridge validators. Recall, the pStake ( network ensures that the project maintains the highest level of decentralization by having a mix of large and moderate validators who are constantly judged in terms of their continued involvement and performance.

The Middle Layer Logic reads the pStake transactions originating from the source chain, and creates another transaction that is then executed at the destination chain. The route taken by these transactions involve grouping of like transactions and gas/speed optimizations. In order to ensure the most secure transaction with gas and speed optimized these transactions are placed into storage as Kafka queues.

The MultiParty Computation uses its mix of validators to verify all transactions and to approve transaction threshold/signings are met. These MPCs are superior to other multisig accounts since they can be scaled to any bridge protocols.