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Title: - Your one-stop decentralized platform on Avalanche
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    If you are new to the crypto space, you are most likely not aware of the blockchain-led transformation and disruption being brought about in business and governance.
    NFT, DeFi and Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now.

    The influx of decentralized projects, real-world use cases, and mass adoption has led to unprecedented innovation in the blockchain space.

    Startups and new ventures promise to greatly improve blockchain functionality while enhancing the consumer experience like never before. One such venture is DexDaddy, a complete decentralized ecosystem on the Avalanche Blockchain.

    Why was Avalanche Blockchain the obvious choice?
    Avalanche can process an impressive 4,500 transactions per second with the most nominal gas fee with the highest number of validators to securely validate the ever-increasing number of transactions on its Blockchain. Technically, it is a decentralized smart contract platform built to scale global finance, with near-instant transaction finality.

    Introduction to DexDaddy
    DexDaddy is an open, trustless, and non-custodial decentralized platform that aims to empower its users worldwide by allowing them to be in control of their crypto assets as well as trades.

    DexDaddy aims to bridge the gap between DeFi and mass adoption by offering low fees, an interactive user interface, a revenue-sharing mechanism backed by an innovative Affiliate program, and comprehensive documentation to facilitate understanding.

    Sneak peek into the DexDaddy World.
    DexDaddy is a Decentralized Exchange and much more. It is a one-stop platform that supports DeFi applications and has multiple services and functionalities (launched or launching shortly), making it unique in the open marketplace.

    A few of its functionality and services are illustrated below:*UoDHpl7Hw2dBgQkCVMXEGw.jpeg

    DexDaddy is a people-driven and distributive platform that is enough to create a DAO for autonomy and transparency within the community.

    DADDY — A token that everyone should have

    DADDY is the digital token representing the website and DADDY Token Ecosystem. As already mentioned, this token operates on the AVALANCHE Chain and can be exchanged between users on a wallet-to-wallet basis.

    The total supply of DADDY is capped at 210 million.*q7XX3Pwj5-4TqUjldYqqEw.jpeg

    DexDaddy rewards its token stakers with a share of platform-wide revenues in the form of DADDY Token. Promoting the DexDaddy suite of products and staking its token will allow Affiliates and the stakers to earn referral commission and yields in stable coin and DADDY Token.

    The breakdown of the total circulation in the form of tokenomics:*I4eESDh3lUiYmKUEIZgNkw.jpeg

    Revenue Generation in the DexDaddy Ecosystem

    You must be wondering how the inflow will work. Well, look into the below-listed options from where DexDaddy will generate its revenue.

    DEX Trading Fees
    Swap Fee
    Sale of Generative NFT — Revenue Generated
    NFT Marketplace Listing Fee
    Launchpad Fee
    Gaming Fee
    Yield Farming Fee
    Cross-chain Bridging Fee


    All the revenue generated will be distributed in the following manner:*4hl-gXtPzhH-ShvQVpLweg.jpeg


    How is the Staking Income calculated?

    The Staking Income calculation is based on a simplified algorithm that derives the inputs as follows:

    Stake Reward Rate = 33% of Platform Revenue (or Token Staker’s Share) / Total Staked Token.

    STAKING INCOME =Your Staked Token X Stake Reward Rate

    Key Points related to Staking Income calculation-

    Token Staker: Users who have staked the Daddy Token on the platform.
    Token Stakers will get staking income as per their staked token.
    33% of the platform revenue will be shared among the token stakers./b]
    Revenue and profit have been used interchangeably to mean the same.

    Note: The platform revenue being distributed is the total profit generated in the ecosystem.

    The DexDaddy launch kickstarts with its Initial Sale RoundsSeed Round, Private Sale, Pre Sale, and Public Sale. More information on the Sale Round will be released shortly!

    DexDaddy is an ambitious project that focuses on core functionalities with practical usability. What starts as a low-key project on the Avalanche Blockchain will gradually unfold as per the roadmap to its envisioned heights. The ecosystem will subsequently graduate to become a Layer-1 solution with its own Blockchain, focusing on faster transaction turnaround, a secure environment for innovative DAPPs, and seamless interoperability with other protocols.

    Check out the White Paper, Presentation, and Full Explanation at (
    DexDaddy Official Channels:[/list]