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Title: ZAT Project, to make a safe place on crypto market with utilities
Post by: ZATProject on March 17, 2022, 10:44:19 PM

The ZAT Project is a crypto project with a clear vision as its driving factor. The materialization of this vision consists of several platforms, specifically ZAT Tools, ZAT Market and our upcoming ZAT Exchange. Despite the fact that these are separate platforms, they share common values.

All platforms are developed with the mission of the ZAT Project in mind: bringing safety, security and education to the crypto space.

Title: Re: ZAT Project, to make a safe place on crypto market with utilities
Post by: ZATProject on March 18, 2022, 12:13:53 AM
Use ZAT Escrow for Crypto Transactions with no Fears of a Potential Scam
ZAT Escrow
The ZAT Escrow Platform is the world's safest solution to one of the biggest problems that is currently holding crypto back from becoming truly main stream, scammers who use the anonymity provided by crypto to commit fraud and steal from people.

With the new escrow system, users now have the ability to safely make crypto transactions without worrying about a potential scam.

How does the ZAT Escrow Platform work?

The seller and buyer can  make a deal outside of the ZAT platform and use our Escrow system to facilitate a safe transaction with cryptocurrencies. This is how the escrow system works:

Buyer starts a escrow contract with the seller on ZAT Market

Seller approves contract

Buyer sends payment with cryptocurrency

Seller is notified that the payment has been sent and can start working/ship the item

Seller delivers product/service

Buyer approves

The ZAT Platform pays out the funds to the seller

With this system, the buyer and seller are both protected and guaranteed to get what they were promised. The seller is guaranteed to get the payment and the buyer is guaranteed to get the service/product.

This amazing platform is currently available to be used by our costumers. If you want to make transactions through cryptocurrencies with no risk of a potential scam, use ZAT Market!

To see how ZAT Market works, please watch this video. Of course, if you have any questions the mods are always available to answer.