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Title:, unprofessional misleading site, I lost a lot of money.
Post by: Mirrorcarp69 on May 17, 2022, 04:48:34 PM
Hello. I live in the uk and have been gambling with since November. When I first joined I played the house games for a while, then spoke to support about how I’d be able to play the online games being from the uk, as they were restricted. A member of support then told me I’d have to use a vpn, told me it was legal and wasn’t a problem. I didn’t even know what a vpn was at the time. I then downloaded a vpn and I was playing the casino games straight away. I’d never won a significant amount of money in a session, until Sunday where I won $8000. It was on my last winning spin my balance was set to zero. I went to the chat page and a member of support names magalon, who is the owner of said I’d broke the terms and conditions and they are shutting my account. Apparently evolution games flagged them and said I was in a prohibited country, and only able to withdraw $2500. My heart sunk and I felt on the verge of cardiac arrest. If I’d have know this could happen I never would’ve bothered playing. I had no warning from support upon opening my account, only the suggestion to use a vpn to play the games, I told magalon to check the chat logs which he said he did and was unable to find the conversation., I call bullshit because I 100% had that conversation as never would’ve bothered playing If I knew it would lead to this, hence me asking the question in the first place. I never had a problem with this site, support were always fantastic and sorting out problems etc…however what happened on Sunday urges me to warn people of what could potentially happen if you hit big. I’ve spoke to numerous people in the uk who have used this site for a couple of years, I’ve also spoke to members who also use vpns from prohibited countries, so why is it I have been stung like this? Are they letting people slip through the net and stinging the vulnerable gamblers (like me) who seem to deosit a lot, chasing losses, just to have it all taken away when they have a good day. I know I broke terms and conditions, and was allowed to withdraw some of my winnings, but this just takes the piss as they have lured me into this trap and have mislead me since day 1. I hope people read this and consider moving to or another reputable site. are jokers who will fuck you.

Title: Re:, unprofessional misleading site, I lost a lot of money.
Post by: boyptc on May 17, 2022, 08:53:22 PM
You should address this to their thread -->

That will gain more attention than making one that's on this section. I've read the same experience as yours before that they've asked the same question about VPN and they're not allowed to use one because it truly violates the casino's rule.

How much your bankroll was and how much you totally lost before you've won $8000? On your chat with that support, are the chats still there or it's automatically deleted? Usually with the casinos that I use, the chat remains there.