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Title: 【ANN】iPlanet SocialFi/NFT platform!
Post by: on June 07, 2022, 09:54:04 AM
iPlanet. Our Vision

iPlanet is a new next-generation SocialFi/ NFT platform! ;)

iPlanet will be the biggest dating social-fi on web 3.0 and is constantly growing and changing like the universe itself.
But more importantly, the users grow and build up their characters through this journey of astonishing social experience also.
The two-way influence grows on both users and iPlanet, see what you become on this planet and see what this planet is with you.

A Social-fi entertainment metaverse

iPlanet is a blockchain-based social entertainment platform. Through engaging multiple forms of entertainment such as Live-stream and virtual concerts users will be able to meet, chat and befriend all sorts of different users sharing the same interest.
With years of social dating platforms development, overcoming the loneliness in humanity has always been our number one priority. But as distrust and hatred grow on current social networks the harder we tried the more we drifted apart from each other.

We strive to create a whole new era of social models. Instead of being bound to the given value and frame, IPlanet allows users to decide the form of entertainment. Forming communities, building relationships. Creating trends that the people truly desire.


The ultimate goal of iPlanet is to build a full circle of social life in Metaverse that eliminates the two biggest problems web 2.0 social platforms have:

1) The incapability of verification: People distrust social platforms because of fraud, false claims of possession, and scams. It breaks basic trust between human beings and constantly forces users to re-evaluate whether to take the leap of faith. iPlanet will be able to verify if the user actually owns the assets and virtual wealth.

2) Over-Governance: Centralization of social communities kill not only good content but also suffocates good content creators, there are countless creators out there that brings huge fortune and payment flow to the platform without even knowing they did, and users should be able to claim the ownership of their contents, followers, and cash flow.


If users already have a wallet, they can log in with it and make sure all the crypto wealth and NFTs tag along to this new platform. They bring faith, memories, and achievements.

If not, all existing social platform accounts are on the table for signing up, not to mention phone numbers and email. Keeping the simpleness of Web 2.0 but with the security of web3.0. This way the world can finally plunge into the wonders of the Web 3.0 metaverse without an unnecessarily high bar.

To ensure users maintain the highest ownership and authority but also an easy way to approach their assets, wallets can be login both in-app and on the web using a plugin. Users can browse, flex and access all their NFTs and crypto wealth. Meanwhile meeting new people with the same vision.

Personal NFTs Gallery

This key feature of iPlanet is closely related to the matching system. When users log in to their wallet not only are they verifying their accounts but also creating their own galleries automatically.
All virtual assets/wealth will be exhibited in a virtual display, from all forms of NFTs to crypto tokens.

Project Roadmap

Q1 2022
-iPlanet Beta Test release
-iPlanet NFT virtual exhibition feature
-iPlanet Dating feature development
Q2 2022
-iPlanet Official release
-Staking Smart Contract complete
Q3 2022
-iPlanet Streaming feature release
-iPT Liquidity Pool release
-Release iPlanet NFT with partner IP
Q4 2022
-iPlanet Metaverse release
​-$iPT IEO
-iPlanet Gamefi
In future development for Live concerts, iPlanet will be using the most advanced technology of MMORPG to achieve maximum capacity.
Over 10K users will be able to join one single virtual live concert and participate in a new virtual full engagement experience.
This technology will also be used for Game-fi and Metaverse land-trading-related features. The details of this technology will be released in a later phase.


App Store/Google Store:

Title: Re: 【ANN】iPlanet SocialFi/NFT platform!
Post by: on June 24, 2022, 07:48:49 AM
iPlanet User Guide

1. How do I get iPlanet?
1.1. iPlanet App Downloading and Creating an Account

iPlanet is available as a free app for Android or iOS;

Just download it from:
-the App Store
-or Google Play

iPlanet is a really simple app to use. Just download it, set up an account with your phone number (you can also sign in with Apple and Google), and specify your gender and age.

Sign up/Login
After that, you will need to upload some good-quality photos and create a nickname.

New account
Once you are done adjusting your settings, you can start your Web3 adventure!

1.2. Basic functions

​​In the top right corner, you will find a mailbox icon, where you can see the number of people who joined the iPlanet app via your referral link. you’ll see a shield icon. To the right of the mailbox icon, you’ll see a bell icon. This is where you can check notifications on iPlanet.

Once on the app homepage, you can see that there are buttons that affect how you interact with a potential match and other users below every profile.

Here’s what they are and how they work:

Rewind: The blue rewind allows you to reverse a potential match you skipped on.

X: The red X skips the person you don’t have an interest in. You can also do this by swiping your finger to the left on your mobile device. We will not alert the other person that you’ve swiped left or that you’ve been swiped left.

Star: The yellow star is for when you “Super Follow” someone. It’s our premium feature that lets you show a potential match your interest before the swiping process begins.

Check icon: Tap the green check icon to like a profile, or swipe right over a profile picture with your finger for the same effect.

BOOST: Boost is a premium feature that puts your profile at the top of the list in your area for 30 minutes so that your profile can get more views and more exposure!

2. iPlanet features
2.1. NFTs Gallery

iPlanet’s most fascinating feature is its NFTs Asset Display. After verification, your assets will be displayed under your profile picture. Users can connect different wallets to flex the NFT collections they possess at the moment.

This personal gallery with high verifiability kills off one of the main issues bothering dating industries for years; that users post pictures of assets they do not own to trick others into believing they are financially stable or rich.

People can now browse and choose from those who share the same interests and investments.

2.2. Swipe

Besides meeting others through entertainment features, users will also be able to swipe left and right to connect to others in a classic Tinder-like experience.

2.3. Explore

The Explore section gives you new ways to find matches and just interesting people beyond simply swiping.

2.4. Similar Interests

The range of options available on iPlanet, including filters and tags, means that you can narrow down your matches.

Our app gives you a chance to meet people based on shared interests and find like-minded friends with no hassle.

You can follow people who love what you love, share photos or videos that you like to watch, or simply be interested in the same crypto projects!

2.5. Super Follow, BOOST, and VIP

All these features can increase your chance of matching or help you get more exposure! Super Follow and BOOST features would make it easier for iPlanet users to discover your page, so they’re likely to carefully scan your profile and interact with you!

-Use BOOST to be the top profile for 30 minutes and get more followers
-Super Follow — Let them know you are interested in them!

2.6. Effects & Filters

iPlanet app allows you to share photos and videos (up to 15 seconds long) and share them with others.

With some features such as “Slim face” or “Big eyes” which can be done by dragging or flicking left or right, the app is easy and quick to use.

iPlanet provides unique filters and effects not available on every app, so if you’re looking to make your photos stand out, it’s a great app to start with.

Final thoughts

We’ve built a platform but offered a journey. A journey not only to explore new places in the Metaverse but, more importantly, to meet people on the way.
See an online concert with your crush, chat with famous Tiktokers you’ve followed for years, be an influencer yourself and dip into the unknown of the crypto world.

iPlanet will be the biggest dating Social-Fi platform and is constantly growing and changing like the universe itself.

We hope you enjoy using our new iPlanet app as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!