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Post by: Matce on July 25, 2022, 05:42:42 PM

this should be made sticky to protect others!

I was hosting several miners over the last year/year and a half with them in NE and TX.
Since the quality of service has gone down dramatically (they broke 4 miners due to untrained "technicians" (replaced parts without unplugging (wow!!!)), non-existent heat-management, etc), I informed that I am no longer happy with their service.
Two month ago their average DOWNTIME was about 50%, so at this point it made no longer sense to host with them - eventually a dispute arose since I'm not paying 100% fees for 50% hosting and the contract was terminated.
The first return-shipment of miners arrived after a ONE MONTH DELAY (solely due to ComputeNorth inability to pack up miners) and a partial refund of my security deposit showed up (well, it was credited on a bill, I never received any check in the mail, etc).
The location in TX still had (better: has!) miners, so I sent them labels for return-shipment. Nothing showed up. I reached out after a week and was told "miners shipped", UPS states otherwise - no package was ever picked up. Tracking shows nothing, obviously.
I gave ComputeNorth several options but they just ignore emails. Secondly I received an email that they no longer refund security deposits, since this is "policy"!

What I noticed, and that could be a coincidence, is that they switched my billing over to (right after I complained about service), where you cannot get a refund, unlike with your credit card.

Lastly: The contract was terminated around the 20th of the month and the miners unplugged. ComputeNorth forced me to pay the last bill in FULL (for 31 days) (otherwise no miners would be returned) and agreed to refund the 10 days overpaid. Also a lie.

So bottom line:
- ComputeNorth Texas STOLE my miners
- ComputeNorth refuses to return security deposit
- ComputeNorth knowingly overcharged the last bill
- ComputeNorth never acknowledged credit-demand because of TX facility downtime (currently close to 70% down!)

I have meanwhile filed a police report, disputed payments with my credit-card company and filed a lawsuit.

Please BE CAREFUL with ComputeNorth ... it is rumored that they are in financial trouble because of the MARA contract ... could there be an exit-scam coming?

Post by: GFDhd on July 26, 2022, 02:45:41 AM
Thanks for sharing. If this is true, I'm really sorry to hear the news. After reading your instructions, I searched for news about ComputeNorth. One of the articles said that nobody at has come up with proof that the platform offers fast payments for cloud mining contracts. Probably a fake cloud mining service provider, so we'd better stay away from this store.