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Title: [ANN] Hire Artificial Intelligence - Interesting and Beautiful Project - HELP
Post by: cryptomahmud on August 19, 2022, 10:53:36 PM
Hello, while reading articles about artificial intelligence content, I saw a service created by a person named Juan Beliva on Twitter and it caught my attention. I found a community-driven cryptocurrency project built by hire out AI software. The project is owned by a person who has liquidated almost all of it and has conversations with those who work at large artificial intelligence companies. They stated that their liquidity is locked for 2 days and the lock period will be extended when artificial intelligence hire services are opened tomorrow. I liked the project and frankly, I can say it's the best project I've seen in a few months. I bought a small amount. Telegram officials are very involved and answer all questions. The name of the project is AINE Network if you want to review it. I've included the relevant links below. This is not investment advice. We can criticize the project mutually. DYOR!!


What are your thoughts about the project?