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Title: FENNEC - new BTC fork CPU/GPU minable, ASIC resistant - launch in few weeks.
Post by: on October 31, 2022, 03:50:33 PM
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Fennec is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that allows users to send funds and store wealth online, without a third party. Fennec is one of many cryptocurrencies, but it is our belief that it will become a respectable store of value within several years.

The fennec fox is a small crepuscular fox native to the deserts of North Africa, ranging from Western Sahara to the Sinai Peninsula. The fennec is the smallest species of fox, and is adapted to survive in extremely harsh environmental conditions. Many cryptocurrencies do not have strong enough communities or market stability to be considered truly dependable assets. We believe the Fennec cryptocurrency will adapt to future environmental conditions, very similarly to the fennec fox!

More than anything, Fennec aims to be a community of miners, holders, enthusiasts, and crypto advocates that enjoy the company of one another. Through social media outlets and other forms of engagement, it is our goal for the Fennec community to intertwine and help one another achieve material, social, and fundamental success in life.

Because Fennec is a fork of Bitcoin, it functions very similarly, besides the fact that block time is 2.5 minutes (4x faster than Bitcoin) and on the YescryptR16 algorithm (ASIC resistant). This will enable miners with old ETH mining equipment to quickly recalibrate their machines and take part in the Fennec network, which (for the foreseeable future) will have a drastically lower hash rate than ETH had! The fundamentals of bitcoin are something that the Fennec team takes pride in, and referring to the Bitcoin whitepaper for more information about this code base would be a great place to begin further research about Fennec!

With aggressive yet economic marketing tactics, community outreach, and a focus on attaining exchange listings in the future, we believe the Fennec could become a household name in the future of cryptocurrency. Our community updates will provide and report consistent growth to the project at large. Welcome to the Fennec movement!

Synopsis of Fennec (FNNC)

Fennec is a Bitcoin fork with a strong community outreach effort. Over the next 6 months, our goal is to have 1000-2000 members in our Telegram and Discord groups. Because Fennec is not a BSC, ETH, or other L1 Smart Contract Token, it has a very unique set of traits that signify it as an asset with greater potential price appreciation. This project is going to be a long one, and a slow one, with CEX listings coming every several months.

Fennec can be mined through the YescryptR16 algorithm. This will allow for sufficient network security and support, as well as an opportunity for community supporters to acquire extra Fennec! Proof of Work cryptocurrencies tend to gain the most value over time, because they are consistently invested in through energy costs and network maintenance. The fact that Fennec is being mined on YescryptR16 means that many old GPU/CPU miners could be put to work by mining Fennec! With the ETH merge, many of these CPUs/GPUs currently have nothing to mine. If Fennec becomes popular, it will give these CPU/GPU miners another chance to be productive. This will give us many more potential miners, which translates to a more secure network and a higher potential for price appreciation! For this reason, we have chosen to go with the YescryptR16 algorithm. Plus, we won't be overpowered by ASIC farms and such.

Because this is not a BSC, ETH, or other L1 Smart Contract Token, it is not listed on DEXs, but it can (and will) be listed on CEXs that do not require KYC (Know Your Customer/Identification). The roadmap will disclose much more, but for those who are interested in creating a lasting community, Fennec is a great place to start! Coins are different from tokens in the sense that their volume is much lower at launch, and it progressively ramps up over time as the community builds and exchange listings increase in quality and variety. This is very different from the very common 2-3 hour P&Ds (Pump and Dumps) that are seen on BSC and ETH.

The roadmap will explain much more of how we plan on going about making progress in the Fennec project. In the meantime, we are working on creating the logo, the code base for the coin, the cold wallets (compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows), as well as the block explorer. Because Fennec is on its own chain, it has its own exclusive block explorer as well. The community building efforts have simply just begun, and it is fair to say that our community is in its infancy. Come see what the fuss is about over at Fennec!


Q4 2022
- Creation of the Fennec Social Media Platforms (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram)
- Creation of the Fennec Website (
- Creation of the Fennec Cold Wallet Apps (Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac)
- Creation of the Fennec Coin and Mining of the Genesis Block
- Creation of the Fennec Network Block Explorer
- Creation of the First Fennec YescryptR16 Mining Pool
- Creation and Maintenance of All Servers, Firewalls, HTTP and HTTPS Protection, DDOS Attack Protection, as well as TCP Protocol-Employed Protective Measures.
- First Exchange Listing (FinexBox)
- FMiNE Wallet Sales and Airdrops (Peer to Peer Sales to Distribute Fennec to the Community)
- Creation of the Team Gnosis Safe, Selection of Key Holders for the Safe (
- Intense 4chan Community Recruiting/Outreach
- Bounty Hunts (Guerilla Marketing, Incentivized with Airdrops and Rewards from the FDRoP Wallet)
- Meme Contests and Invite Contests (Incentivised with Airdrops and Rewards from the FDRoP Wallet)
- First and Second Market Capitalization Listings (CoinGecko and CoinPaprika)

Q1 2023
- Standard Codebase Audit Certification
- Increase in Marketing Efforts (Maintaining 4chan Presence While Branching Out to Our Other Socials)
- Second Exchange Listing (TradeOgre)
- Increased Intensity of Bounty Hunts (Guerilla Marketing, Incentivized with Airdrops and Rewards from the FDRoP Wallet)

Q2 2023
- Third Market Capitalization Listing (CoinMarketCap)
- Third Exchange Listing (Bittrex)
- Fourth Exchange Listing (Currently Choosing Between Nearly 50 Intermediate Exchanges!)
- Increased Marketing Pressure (Paid Calls, Videos, and Extensive - Guerilla Marketing from Within the Community)
- Get Listed on

Q3 2023
- Maintenance of Marketing Pressure from Q2 2023
- Fifth Exchange Listing (KuCoin)
- Ledger Support
- Wrapped Fennec (ETH, BSC, Polygon, and More Networks if Possible!)

Telegram invite:
Website under construction

Title: Re: FENNEC - new BTC fork CPU/GPU minable, ASIC resistant - launch in few weeks.
Post by: on November 03, 2022, 01:28:56 AM
Launch will be November 21st!

Please be advised, we are NOT a BSC or ETH token. You will need to go to our website ( and download our cold wallet app if you plan on participating in the Premine Peer to Peer sales round. All funds will be kept in a Gnosis safe, strictly for development and maintenance expenses.

There will be more instructions on how to execute the Premine Peer to Peer sales period as we approach launch, approximately around November 14th. We will have the website and block explorer up by then, so you will be able to learn more about us by then and get your wallet installed in advance. Please DM @FennecOwner your wallet address once you install a cold wallet if you plan on participating in the Premine Peer to Peer sales round.

The reason we are not calling this an ICO is because, legally, it is not an ICO.

Thanks for understanding, looking forward to November 14th and 21st!

Please join telegram for latest updates! (