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Title: [ANN][KLC][ICO]A Purely based crypto proof of investment for the KARULOC project
Post by: Reider on December 30, 2023, 08:54:10 PM
What is KARULOC?

KARULOC is a real life business , an motorcycles renting company that will operate in a small island of the Caribbean.

The "idea" of the company started from the current conjuncture of the island setting the project for a completed operation

It is an operational venture that could be summarize as such

I/ Raising fund

Raise an substantial amount to immediately scale , and adapt to the current demand , it will be done through and ICO ( 298 221 $) to be raised.

II/ Scaling-setting up the company

This is the operational part happening  right after the raised completion.
Acquisition , logistic ect...

III/ Payback investor

The part that truly interest you i believe.
The total return of the operation for the investor is 170% over a 30 month period , that number is based on the balance of investor attractiveness and the actual achievability...

It represent an 5.6% monthly yield from the amount of token you bought trough the ICO

1 KLC = 1 usd

300 000 KLC supply


I think the crypto sphere would benefit greatly by investing (money and tools) in "the real world" economy such as simple project like this one.
Cause crypto feel something like its resolving very complex problem not often understood by everyone and only benefiting a few groups.

Please contact me if you have any question , the ICO is not live yet a date will be communicate.
Im currently building visibility and momentum , any advice would mean life!
Thank you.

Please read the LitePaper to have all the info !!!  from the official website
Twitter =
Official domain (is not finish to set up)