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Title: [OFNT] [AOBT] The Alliance Of Bitcointalk Translators
Post by: Porfirii on May 12, 2024, 08:47:15 PM
We are now OFNT (Open For New Translators)
Learn how to apply HERE (

Our ANN in Local Boards: • Indonesian ( • Spanish ( • Romanian ( • Turkish ( • Portuguese ( • German ( • Filipino ( • Russian ( • Pidgin ( • Bangla (

Quality translations for your Project and the Forum.

Members of the Gang:

Polish & German
cygan (;u=27470)
GazetaBitcoin (;u=1285797)
zasad@ (;u=2654005)
Husna QA (;u=1827294)
mindrust (;u=176777)

Ale88 (;u=932931)
paid2 (;u=3373825)
Porfirii (;u=991374)
Ukrainian (Rus back-up)
DrBeer (;u=201654)
Filipino back-up
Baofeng (;u=984384)

Kavelj22 (;u=2443746)
Peanutswar (;u=2762272)
Indonesian back-up
dansus021 (;u=392207)
gagux123 (;u=1038114)
Learn Bitcoin (;u=3506304)

Hatchy (;u=3546931)
Pidgin back-up
Chilwell (;u=3499955)
Arabic back-up
Nalain420 (;u=3548693)
Portuguese back-up
r_victory (;u=1021018)
Bangla back-up
DYING_S0UL (;u=3513442)

The Alliance Of Bitcointalk Translators [AOBT] is a decentralised team of active members in the forum who collaborate in order to add value to our respective local boards and legit private projects. We have no manager, but we are open to collaborate with other reputable managers of the forum. If you are currently managing a bounty, signature or any other campaign and you want to offer translation services too, feel free to contact us.

- What we do

  • We cooperate by sharing with the rest of the members the translations we find, in order to build synergies among us to find new ones (finding them individually is difficult).
  • We contribute to our respective local boards by translating some of the best posts/threads of the forum pro bono ( in order to create value there, returning part of what this beautiful forum has given to us.
  • We break the boundaries between local boards and share ideas and experiences with new friends from different nationalities because we are all Satoshi no matter our homeland.

- Why us

  • We are among the most active native members of the forum.
  • We translate ideas, not just words, and we have provable experience making translations with soul.
  • We can provide you the best value for the money.
  • Chances are you already know us individually, so we have a reputation to uphold.
  • By choosing us for your project you will also be contributing to boost the local boards of the forum!

- What we don't translate

  • Illegal stuff.
  • Scams.
  • Etc. (Each member has his own ethical code about gambling, pornography,...).

- Some testimonials

  • GazetaBitcoin: More than 60 translations ( so far. Translator of Bitcoin white paper ( listed on
  • mindrust: Translating is my business and business is good.
  • Ale88: Due to the nature of my job I’ve been translating emails and texts in 3 languages for more than 10 years.
  • Baofeng: "Be Your Filipino Translator" (BYFT)
  • Porfirii: More than 70 projects translated into Spanish since 2017. Ask me for my Porf-olio.
  • Kavelj22: The best Arabic translator and proofreader in the forum.


[1] For paid translations: If you want us to translate your project, please, post it below or send us a PM and we will make you an offer.
[2] For free translations: If you want to propose a specific, highly meaningful OP to be translated in our respective local boards for free, let us know it by posting it below. The more proposals we receive, the more translations we can do.

Want to support us? Sponsor our Alliance and/or specific topics.

Escrow for payments: GazetaBitcoin (;u=1285797).


Although we will try to choose the most legit projects to translate, we don't vouch for what would happen if their respective managers make the wrong decisions.
We only offer our services as translators of predefined texts.


If you have proof or serious doubts about the veracity of a project we are working on, please, let us know.