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Title: Good News: Bitcoinica's Mt. Gox code withdrawal problem has been solved
Post by: zhoutong on December 22, 2011, 04:06:14 AM
I'm happy to announce that Bitcoinica users don't have to wait in line for Mt. Gox code withdrawals any more.

The new version of the mtgox Ruby gem (0.7.2) now supports Mt. Gox's key-secret API authentication, which means that any account protected by Yubikey can still utilize the "very secure" API authentication to withdraw. As a result, now Bitcoinica users can withdraw using a *verified* account with a much larger withdrawal limits.

However, the "manual approval" feature is still there. Large withdrawals are subject to manual approval (usually within a few hours). Most users won't ever hit the threshold.

Thank you for your support!