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Title: Seeking Partnership or Angel Investor for "CoinRPG" A Bitcoin RPG Game!
Post by: kuroato on April 04, 2014, 05:51:23 AM
Kuroato Media is currently seeking to discuss a potential partnership with a Marketing Service Provider or Publisher in exchange for Revenue Share for our current work-in-progress Multiplatform Game Title "CoinRPG" A Bitcoin Inspired Multiplayer Action RPG Game! We are also open to talking with Angel Investors. (

Official Website: (

Play CoinRPG Beta v0.2: (

BitcoinTalk Thread: (

YouTube, Gameplay Preview: (

Please Review the Game through the Provided Sources above, and Contact us at if you are interested in discussing a partnership. Please include a link to your website, and or references of previous work and successful marketing or publishing campaigns.

CoinRPG has high potential to earn substantial revenue from Google AdSense alone on the Browser Platform, but also through Micro-Transactions in the near future on PC, Mac, and Linux Platforms. CoinRPG's code base has also been designed to support Mobile Platforms. Currently Mobile is not a supported platform, as we focus on optimizing the Game for Browser and Desktop Platforms first.

CoinRPG is currently in Beta v0.2 Development stage. While we have foundation features completed, and currently working on optimization and polishing these features, there is so much more we would like to add. We require help with raising funds to cover ongoing development costs for adding new features, optimizations, and supporting additional platforms. 

Our ideal Partner would be someone who could help us generate revenue through their Marketing or Publishing Services, or an Angel Investor interested in funding a Game project, and/or mentoring a startup game development studio in exchange for revenue share. We Do Not wish to provide our partner with part ownership of our IP, Game or Company, but we are open to discussing re-branding of the game, and adding additional features you might suggest that will add to the game's success.

Please Contact us if you fit the above description of a partner, and are potentially interested in working with us to deliver a new hi-quality multiplatform, multiplayer online action rpg game! 

About Kuroato Media

Kuroato Media is an independent game development studio founded in November 2012, based in Miami, FL. We are a small but ambitious team of avid gamers, and passionate game developers. Dedicated to producing and delivering hi-quality, multiplatform, immersive gaming experiences!

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