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Title: Myriadcoin Updates:, Liberdade Hardware Wallets, Volkswagen
Post by: neuroMode on May 02, 2014, 02:49:17 AM
Sources: @moolah_io, @BryceWeiner and @ImagineInvest will be adding Myriadcoin to its merchant payments platform.

Via @BryceWeiner
A) Blocktech Engineers will be designing and prototyping Hardware Wallets for Liberdade/MYR in the coming weeks.
B) 4 Businesses have agreed to partner/volunteer with the Liberdade project.
C) Blocktech is moving to new offices in San Diego to begin development of Liberdade hardware and software.

Via @ImagineInvest
Tweet 1:
Not to fuel fire, but I can verify BW's optimism. Have a mtg in 1 hr w/ Volkswagen-subsidiary to discuss #MYR specs.
Tweet 2:
The company is installing smart/clean tech in Brazil's new stadiums/structures. Possibilities for #MYR abound. :)
Tweet 3:
Not kidding. Have mtg @7pm w/ German, VW-owned smart/clean tech company. #MYR specs/integration possibilities are primary topic.