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Title: MZC, CTM, POP, IFC, O2O, looking for an active exchange.
Post by: Galane on May 02, 2014, 09:35:56 PM
What I have available in my offline wallets.

103.40694792 MZC

428313.08965266 CTM
77206.608238 CTM (pending confirmation at

737787.7462633 POP

0.80081182 IFC

1000000.00 O2O (I found an exchange where in theory this could get me 0.01 BTC - except the trade volume was zero, nobody buying O2O.)

I'd like to find an exchange where I can trade it all for LTC or BTC, whichever will get the best rate.

I have 0.00917553 BTC at CoinEX. It's slowly coming back but right now the only mining with any recent action there is DEM. Everything else it's been several days to months without any blocks found.