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Title: 50/50 Drawing for the website .1 BTC per ticket
Post by: celcoid on January 16, 2012, 11:55:16 PM
Ok I want to give back to this website because it has helped me ALOT when I started out Bitcoin mining last year. So If you would like to give back but in the thread how many tickets you want then I will PM everyone different bitcoin addresses. Also before the Drawing takes place I will make a video of me putting everyone's tickets (Pieces of Paper) in a bucket so you know that Im not fixing the drawing for anyone then I will draw the winner after Im done putting all the names in the bucket on the video as well. I will let this go for one week after this is posted then the drawing will take place. Half of the BTC will go to the website and the other half will go to the winner unless they also want it to be given to the website. Minimum of 250 tickets before I will do the drawing if people pay for tickets and the drawing does not take place I will refund them or if wanted donate it to the site anyways.