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Title: Website development / consulting (Experienced "Ruby on Rails" Developer)
Post by: CreativeEmbassy on April 18, 2011, 04:21:29 AM
I'm an experienced Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer, and I'm just looking to make a few extra BTC on the side. I'm comfortable reading other people's code and building sites from scratch. I can do everything from an extremely simple site with little/no moving parts, to a complete database(SQL or NoSQL)-backed highly-concurrent server with complete unit and integration tests, and a design from scratch or the theme of your choice from a place like or (Let's be honest: I can do design from scratch, but you'll probably have more fun AND be more cost-effective if you went with a template. ;-) )

Examples of work: - Minor coding, but this is the latest design I did from scratch. WIP. - Lead developer. WIP. - Lead developer. - Lead developer. - Developer. One of my first Rails sites.

Keep in mind, I have a full-time job already, so whatever work I do here will only be for a few hours a week, and will probably be more expensive than other developers here with more free time. I'm VERY good though.  ;)

Last point: I'm learning node.js on the side (javascript development), and would be willing to do a website in it for much cheaper if you need something with a crazy amount of concurrency, if you're willing to let me experiment with it as a form of learning. Just an idea.

Title: Re: Website development / consulting (Experienced "Ruby on Rails" Developer)
Post by: markgin on October 11, 2016, 11:33:22 PM
Hmm, are you a real expert in web development?  :o If the answer is yes, I will try to ask you for a small help. Here's my question... I hope that it's not too late to ask... I have a question connected with building websites... I want to create a site, actually an online shop with clothes for babies and I'm curious, is it possible to do it on my own using one of these or should I ask for help someone who know how to do it and pay him a bunch of money? Have anybody created a site all by himself without an experienced help? Can these free builder be OK for online store?