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Title: [FCN] Fantomcoin development fund
Post by: amphibian on May 14, 2014, 04:16:15 PM
Hey guys,

Recently Iíve been working really hard to provide you with all CryptoNote updates, exchanges, logos etc. But unfortunately One Man Army will not go far in this type of competition. So Iíve made a decision to create a FCN development fund. Currently there is 100 FCN and 0.12 BTC donated by me, if you want to take a part of it - you can find donation addresses below.

As you all well know, for now I have my hands full with FCN and pool development and would really like to get some help from the community. So, without further ado, letís get to the point.

Clearly, website is not in a best shape right now, so new website is item number 1.
Item number 2 is GUI wallet. I know I promised to do it but sometimes, I really like to sleep. :)
Item number 3 is gambling website. I donít really know why other developers forgetting about this awesome_newbie_attraction_thing.

So if youíd like to be a part of FCN advancing - I would really REALLY appreciate the help.

You can also help FCN by donating to this addresses:

FCN: 6ntYwFY2syKVha7K1KZrhD8Uyzc2VsCpAjGi8YptCVHmfeqkAyRWQSX8gV23uvnHZY2LssBMoidGfCr VAc9k1RSsN7WKSf2

Thank you all for the attention and have a nice day.


Title: Re: [FCN] Fantomcoin development fund
Post by: aloney on May 24, 2014, 01:54:45 AM
sounds good, is anything new going on? sorry i'm not a programmer, if anythingelse chould help , tell me

Title: Re: [FCN] Fantomcoin development fund
Post by: aironeous on June 29, 2018, 01:31:07 PM
What if you resurrect this coin and make it merge mineable with Electroneum and pool operators agree to a 1% dev fee?