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Title: Idea: Exchange platform
Post by: jamesb on April 21, 2011, 01:18:57 PM
Hello everyone,

I've got an idea of project which could really be useful to anyone who wants to share Bitcoins and work in general. I don't know if whether someone has already think about this but maybe not and I'll try to make it if it's worth it for the community. First I'll describe in a few words what I mean and I will develop the possible ways it can go.

Origin: I've seen multiple times people posting their services about drawing, text writing, file sharing. It would use the way people rates each other in forums to ensure quality.

Idea: My goal is to build something like a forum where you can post messages depending on if you want to do something for somebody or if you are waiting of something. In the first case you can ask a payment for an attached file. There will be a thumbnail or a short part of the thing you "sell" visible. Then anyone can buy it with the amount fixed by the offering person. The platform will pay the offerer. In the second case you deposit the amount you think your request is worth. It can be a simple question in math, physics, computer science, it could be some piece of code, of text, an image to draw. When people reply to your initial post you you can decide which people to pay. The people may even rate all the posts and the ones which has the best score gains his payment (it can be split or not).

Deposing: To verify every transaction I propose asking people to deposit the amount they want to buy some services in the platform. It allows us to be sure the person has enough to pay. I don't think when you are a seller it is necessary to keep the coins in the platform. It may be when a better answer has arrived or when an answer/file wasn't what was excepted and the people want to be given back their coins.

Rating: The people on the platform should be rated to ensure quality, assurance to everyone. This system could become a really great platform for exchanges as far as people post comments about the posters. It's like now on the forums but it may be improve.

Offering: This part is quietly safe because the person put its text, image or file on the platform but it must be hidden. One can view a part of it in a thumbnail for example. If you are interested you have to pay the offerer in the platform to access entirely the data. These may be split into parts (different size of images, pages, chapter or archives). When the person has made its payment (and it's validated) then he can download/access the file(s) and the offerer is paid (It looks like a "App Store").

Requesting: The requester has to send some bitcoins to pay the answers then this is a little bit more risky because when someone reply, its answer may not be paid. In one way the requester could refuse to pay and use all the answers. It may be possible to hide all replies but you cannot choose the best one anymore. The solution is to let people rate the answers and the requester can choose the answer(s) he wants to pay. If the requester don't pay after a few days (more or less) the payment should be split to the people which have useful answers based on the community rates of these. It may be after a few days if the origin requester don't pay or longer. (This looks like helping forums but more general and you earn Bitcoins).

Answers: As I wrote in the beginning the word answer may refer to text, images or more generally files that the requester needs. These answers may be displayed partially to protect stealing until the person is paid for example. Again it could be an option to let people decide about that.

Coding: I have enough skills in PHP, DB, web to code this platform as a forum for example. It may take several weeks or months to achieve a certain quality. I may need some help but I can do it myself of course.

Fees: As you know everyone wants to earn Bitcoins. I don't want to force people to pay an overhead but I think it's a good idea to let people choose how many they want to pay to support the platform (Paying my/our work and servers) like on mining

Here it is! A long post. I hope you enjoy my idea and you can give your opinion, ideas and whatever you want about it.

Title: Re: Idea: Exchange platform
Post by: nodemaster on April 21, 2011, 03:09:55 PM
Hi at the moment I'm working on a board for bitcoin related jobs ( However it is free and much simpler than your idea. Perhaps you are interested in working together in order to implement your ideas as additional premium service? Let me know if I you are interested in further information.

Title: Re: Idea: Exchange platform
Post by: Keefe on April 21, 2011, 03:33:38 PM
This reminds me somewhat of, where people ask tech questions and offer points (like an in-house currency) for accepted answers. Points received by answering questions can then be offered to others when you ask a question.

Some of the concepts there might be of interest to you.

Title: Re: Idea: Exchange platform
Post by: Stephen Gornick on April 21, 2011, 09:30:56 PM
That's a crowded space with Fiverr and a host of others:

though none yet accept bitcoins as payment nor provide Bitcoin compensation.

Workable's is kind of similar.  The #1 request on their user forum: Ability to be paid using bitcoins.

Title: Re: Idea: Exchange platform
Post by: marcus_of_augustus on April 21, 2011, 11:34:10 PM
There is also the over-the-counter site ...