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Title: bitcoin dave is a hero (wallet recovery services)
Post by: marsje007 on June 06, 2014, 01:14:10 PM
hello all

normally im always very careful about changing wallet codes
this time i forgot to write it down and a month later i wand to send some coins
to btc-e then i got a error that the code is wrong

had 3.3btc in the wallet i have tried for a few days to unlock the code
with no success

then i started to google about how to hack my own wallet
could not figure it out to hard for me

until  i found this site
im very skeptic at first i have read everything a few times
also i look all over google to find out if he have fool somebody but could not find anything
i knew most of the code just forget what i have type behind it

also saw i could send part of the wallet.dat but could also not figure out how that works

so i tough lest just mail the guy i explained the problem
and he told me to send the info and the wallet.dat

must say my first tought was good bye 3.3 btc !!!
Next morning i got a mail that the wallet was opened

it cost me 20% of the btc now i only have 2.6
but how i see it better then nothing got my coins back

me myself could not do anything anymore

this guy got my coins back in a few hour

made my day very good

it was a big risk to try it out in my opinion

but the guy is legit :)

this is a good thing for bitcoin in general
in this hard days where its hard to trust anybody and codes are easy to forget

a trusted service like this can be very help full

Hope dave keep doing what he do a trusted guy like this is a here in the bitcoin world