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Title: [WTS] Antminer S1's in the USA only, shipped from Texas
Post by: AbiTxGroup on June 26, 2014, 07:12:30 PM
Hey all.

I have a total of 27 Antminer S1's.  With these miners running and normal work in the building going on, I am using over 12,000 kWh a month.

I need to make room (lower power usage) for some new miners so I am selling my current S1's.

I am asking .38BTC per each S1 shipped from Texas in their original shipping boxes within the continental US.

I have six of the S1's setup and mining using wifi.  If anyone needs wireless S1's, I can sell these pre-configured for your network with the attached antenna.

The rest are all using the wired ethernet port to mine.

If you want a specific IP configuration on the miner, I can change the IP/netmast/gateway/broadcast/DNS/hostname/timezone, etc., to run on your network.

If you want a fresh defaulted firmware installed, I can also do that.

I will post some pics once I get to the office later this evening.

I have been here and traded with a lot of users from these forums, so I have good trade history.

I can do escrow with a proven trustworthy source from these forums, but you pay the cost.