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Title: HELP - Dragon Miner not showing ANY speed when i connect to ip address ??
Post by: bilabonic on June 30, 2014, 08:33:40 PM
Hi All

I am aware that these need the third number to be 1 eg ......

I have a Virgin superhub router which is linked which default address is

I have the EXACT miners address - BUT it will NOT connect to it....

So i then changed the Virgin superhub address to

I could then connect to the miner and add the pool details as usual and the blades stopped flashing and it' s displayed running BUT i still get NO SPEED displayed ???

Plus it does not show on the pool???

I have just taken the miner WITHOUT altering anything to a makes house with the old type Virgin Router, which is connected to a Liksys router with local ip addy of

Withing 1 minute its at 1Th.

Anyone helpas i need this running on Virgin superhub, with a ethernet port connected to it...