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Title: Mining pool setup
Post by: Elmit on July 01, 2014, 03:26:49 AM
Please guide me to the right place, if that is not the one ;-)

I want to setup a mining pool with MPOS. On my testing machine (Ubuntu 13.10, now upgraded to 14.04) it seems to work, but I want to improve.

I use just the standard MPOS setup. I understand that for each coin I have to go through most of the same setup procedure.
Are there any recommendations how to secure the pool server?

I did not find how to add autoswitching to it. Is it "just" a port forwarding, or is it more?

I also want to know how to add autotrading to it. Did not find any script for that.

Finally I want to go live with that pool on a bigger machine.
Is it good to use a cloud computer? If so, what would I need to choose? What would be the estimated cost? Does anybody use Amazon cloud or another cloud and has some cost experiences?

If somebody is at the same stage and want to team up, please lets combine effort. Share experiences in setting up for different coins.