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Title: Dragon's Tale MMORPG Casino: Governor's Tournaments
Post by: teppy on August 05, 2014, 03:49:48 PM
I've added a significant new system to Dragon's Tale called Governor's Tournaments. For those new to Dragon's Tale, I'll first describe the game itself, explain how governed islands work, and then how these new tournaments work.

Dragon's Tale is an MMORPG where most of the content is Bitcoin based gambling. The game takes place in a 3D persistent world. All the games in Dragon's Tale are novel: You can tip cows, go fishing, launch fireworks, drink and smoke. We currently have 67 different games. Dragon's Tale is the oldest Bitcoin based gambling site on the internet (October 2010.)

The game is set in the modern day, on a series of islands off the China coast. Travel between islands is by boat. Some of these islands are accessible to everyone, while others are "governed." Each month an in-game election is run, and a new set of 4 governors is elected.

Governors control access to their island, and can now create tournaments with prizes. A Governor's Tournament may (for example) challenge players to fish in a particular type of pond on one specific island, and award prizes in proportion to each player's winnings on that pond. Other types of tournaments that have been run include drinking contests, smoking events, monkey races and free-for-alls.

Many of these Governor's Tournaments limit play to only micro-stakes, yet have significant prize pools, often around 0.1 BTC. This type of a tournament is often called a Freeroll, because only a negligible amount of BTC is needed to participate. Dragon's Tale gives small amounts of Bitcoin out for free, enough to fund play in some of these tournaments.

Funding for these prize pools is provided by the house (for now,) and is distributed to each island in proportion to the bets made on that island. The more you gamble on your home island, the richer the pots for that island. If you're new to Dragon's Tale, be sure to talk to the various Governors and their deputies, to get a feel for each island.

Glad to answer any questions about the game, or about this new system. (If you already play Dragon's Tale and participate in this thread, include your character name!)

Title: Re: Dragon's Tale MMORPG Casino: Governor's Tournaments
Post by: leex1528 on August 05, 2014, 03:53:28 PM
So is this a game where you need to pay BTC in order to play it? 

Or do you end up making BTC from it?  How does it work, any information would be nice

Title: Re: Dragon's Tale MMORPG Casino: Governor's Tournaments
Post by: teppy on August 05, 2014, 04:26:36 PM
We give away small amounts of (real, withdrawable) Bitcoin for free. Search the soldier statues to find free gifts. Typically these are between 1,000 and 3,000 Satoshi each, but they can go as high as 5 BTC in a single gift. (I'm aware of several 0.5 BTC gifts.) You do not ever have to make a deposit.

Of course it is a gambling game, and I do hope that those who enjoy the game will deposit and play at higher stakes.