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Title: The Counterparty BitBowl #2 - Decentralized Super Bowl Wagering
Post by: statdude on August 14, 2014, 12:10:15 AM
Greetings gambling degens and ponzi whores alike! My nickname is "Nutellah the Hungry", not to be confused with "nutildah the hungry".

I created this thread since BitBowl #1 was deleting all my posts. So, I decided to make my own BitBowl.
I am proud to announce that "scamtokens" for the 2015 BitBowl #2 are now on sale at the Counterparty Asset Exchange (accessible via Counterwallet).

What is the Counterparty BitBowl you may ask?

Its a new way to test your NFL guessing skills by purchasing as much as a few cents worth of fake scam assets (scamtokens) that represent a team's out of date odds of of winning the Super Bowl, based on my last update sometime in August before I got bored of this whole project. If the team that your scamtoken represents wins the Super Bowl, you can try to sell it it back on the exchange for a grand prize of 10 XCP (counterparty), although you likely won't be able to, as this project will likely be completely abandoned by then, since I made this project for free and will quickly realize I wasted my time.

Even if the XCP value is correct in 2015, there is a major exploit available and being covered up by the lead dev, putting your Counterparty ScamToken at risk of being hacked.

Unfortunately, even if you are able to claim your 10 XCP grand price, the value of XCP will likely have reduced by a similar factor by 2015, so good luck getting your money back. If, despite these factors, you are still dumb enough to want to waste your time trying to win whatever 10 XCP ends up being worth (currently about $21) on this instead of just buying a future on a legitimate gambling site for more than a 12-year olds weekly allowance, thanks for your BTC!

As the BitBowl uses the Counterparty platform to distribute team scamtokens, you can attempt buy and sell them for any other assets listed on the exchange (including other scamtokens).

This makes it possible to attempt to "panicbuy/panicsell" a team rising in the rankings.

Here's all the links you need to get started:

Counterparty homepage
BitBowl: Why should I care?  
The BitBowl FAQ Page, that explains all the glitches

Below is a list of scamtoken prices currently on the Counterparty Asset Exchange, for your reference. I will try to keep this list up to date, but will probably give up when I realize nobody cares. Please troll here if you should have any questions in regards to the whole operation. as the main thread is self-moderated and any criticism will be deleted by nutildah

Let the BitBowl Begin!!

Team ScamTokenName   XCP price
CARDINALS   0.1818
FALCONS   0.1667
RAVENS   0.2500
BILLS   0.1333
PANTHERS   0.1538
BEARSB   0.5000
BENGALS   0.2857
BROWNS   0.1333
COWBOYS   0.1429
BRONCOS   1.5385
LIONS   0.2500
PACKERS   0.6667
TEXANS   0.1538
COLTS   0.5556
JAGUARS   0.0400
CHIEFS   0.1538
DOLPHINS   0.1333
VIKINGS   0.0667
PATRIOTS   1.1111
SAINTS   0.6667
GIANTS   0.2222
JETS   0.1333
RAIDERS   0.0769
EAGLES   0.3571
STEELERS   0.4545
CHARGERS   0.2222
SEAHAWKS   1.4286
RAMS   0.2000
TITANS   0.0800
REDSKINS   0.1538

Lastly, I apologize that "BEARSB" is spelled wrong, "Seakhawks" being recallable (I promise I won't scam you, even though they are the most likely to win), and for there being 10,000 49'ers tokens.

Thanks all!

-"Nutellah, the Hungry"

Title: Re: The Counterparty BitBowl #2 - Decentralized Super Bowl Wagering
Post by: robhimself on August 14, 2014, 01:58:30 AM
Can I bet like a million dollars on this? This is awesome!

Title: Re: The Counterparty BitBowl #2 - Decentralized Super Bowl Wagering
Post by: tikirawker on August 24, 2014, 12:48:41 AM
lol i needed a laugh. thanks!!

sucks because the original idea was pretty cool.
i like the idea of trading shares of a bet throughout the season.
like the OP said I guess i will need to use a good old fashion props site to get my wild speculation fix.