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Title: btcaddrtocsv v0.1 relased
Post by: chalbersma on August 26, 2014, 04:58:04 PM
btcaddrtocsv v0.1 relased (

Hello everyone Id like to announce the v0.1 release of btcaddrtocsv. A CLI tool that I use to convert public bitcoin addresses to csv files for import into a multitude of tools. Id also like to announce that in addition to the basic python script that can pull one address Ive also (in head) created a bash script to cycle through a number of BTC addresses. Here ( is a link to the github page for the project and here ( is the link for the 0.1 release.

Please remember that this tool depends on the api so if youre using it on a machine that cant reach the internet it will not work. Ive been using this tool successfully for months now so I believe it to be stable. Please report bugs to the issues page on github ( If you like what Im doing here please consider donating using address 14UbKCCjxpU1jnzZHKGRf8xaP2a5RS4n9R (

Please remember, if you are using the new bash script to process several addresses at the same time, to create a directory called csvs for your csv files to be output to.