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Title: WTS - Selling Radeon 5850 card for cheap - SOLD!
Post by: 5850Guy on April 11, 2012, 10:02:43 PM
Well all, I am selling my Sapphire Radeon 5850. The fan is inoperable, but the card and heatsink are just fine. This is a great gaming card, and it's also fantastic for Bitcoin mining--I overclocked it up to 357 Mhashes a sec.  I know others with this card on the Wiki have gotten it up to 400 mhashes/sec.

I paid $150 for this card like a month / month and a half ago.  

I monitored the temperature and fan speed religiously, which lead me to realize the Sapphire fan (fan bearings) was dying.  It wouldn't spin above 2300 RPM, and it's supposed to spin 4000.  When I first got it, it spun 4000.  

As a result, I bought a new GPU fan (~$10), which is the red fan you can see in the picture.  This led me to discover the reference fan from ATI has a power cable that is too short to reach the non-reference power cable plug on a Sapphire card.  Awesome!

Which lead me to buy a 12" PWM 4-pin power cable extender (~$10 shipped), which you can see in picture #2.

Once it arrived, I was thoroughly disappointed to see the cable extender is slightly too large to fit into either the ATI fan or the Sapphire card connectors.

This led me to take some pictures and place it up here for sale.

This card works, but the fan is non-operational as it's not plugged in.  Either get the fan working, get a new fan/heatsink/etc, or use this with your favorite water-cooling.

I am asking 20 BTC. I've just run out of patience with it.  You will receive everything in the pictures plus the molex to GPU power adapters.

I will ship within the US to any address.  I do require payment up front but I will put it up on Bitmit or something like that if you don't trust me to ship you the card.  Don't worry--I am looking to get rid of this thing!!


Picture showing new reference ATI fan, power cable won't reach Sapphire power connector location.  Also shows the 12" PWM 4-pin FAN power extender cable:

Here is a picture of my mining activity.  The card ran for 10-14 days before I took it offline as the fan started to make a noise and die.

Title: Re: WTS - Selling Radeon 5850 card for cheap
Post by: 5850Guy on April 11, 2012, 11:07:48 PM
This card has sold via private message.  Thank you everyone!