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Title: New idea for coin-security to sell to developers - makes all malware obsolete
Post by: gustav on September 05, 2014, 02:16:50 PM
Hey guys. I have two different approaches for new security-features to sell.
I am not a coder only average geek-user that's why i would sell the idea to someone who can make coins.

Both ideas concern securing the wallet-file.

The first idea would be a one-button-solution as big as 300kb in the software
The second idea is also easy to implement and can be assembled from existing code in most parts (probably 1 mb big)

Both ideas can be combined but are entirely different and can also stand alone each.

Each of them makes every exisitng wallet-stealer obsolete.
The first idea will make malware-programmers life hard and put out of service probably 100% of wallet-stealers today,
the second idea is 100% total suecurity and malware-programmers can suck it probably for eternity.

The idea is worth many, many bitcoins but i'll sell it for around 1 to 2 bitcoin both in one package to someone who wants to have it. Currently i am the only person on the planet who knows that shit because i figured it out myself so you would be buying virgin ideas that are not spoiled to someone else.
That implemented into an altcoin is a feature that will certainly ad to that coins value.

If interested you'll pay 50% up front, get the first idea delivered and pay the next 50% for the even better second idea. The intelectual property is yours then and you can claim ownership of the ideas.
If nobody is interested, i'll keep it and sell it later.
Shoot me a message if interested. Will be a supreme feature for new coins and easy enough to create. If you plan on releasing a coin branded as 'secure' this is very likely a 'must have'.