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Title: Black Arrow Legal Action
Post by: on September 07, 2014, 07:23:57 AM

I'm posting here as BA are deleting my posts on their forum to stop this from happening.

I have engaged lawyers in Wan Chai for the specific interest of taking legal action in forcing BA to refund the money it has so far refused to.
In order to do this effectively, the process needs to be demonstrate clear intent from our side that we have done all we can, and also clear failure on BA's side that they have failed us as customers. Current consumer law in China is on our side, and the courts will like to see that we've done all we can to work inside their legal framework.

So, to get things rolling with my lawyers, and after talking with them about what they need and how they will proceed, i had asked for you guys to send me some basic information:

  • Contact details ( email at this stage )
    Order number ( no invoice please, this is for the lawyers to contact you about )
    How you paid ( Fiat, BTC etc )
    Order costs ( how much is owed )
    Brief paragraph detailing all you have done to communicate your wishes to BA
    Expected outcome ( what you want to happen i.e. refund, delivery of goods etc )

so far i have had a tremendous amount of replies, and just skimming through, there's already over USD 1/4 million in refund requests.

This action is specific to the X1 and X2 orders Both Batch 1 and Batch 2

Send it to and i will add you to the roll call.