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Title: 2012-05-30 bitcoinmagazine: 10 Questions with Zhou Tong
Post by: PawShaker on May 30, 2012, 11:35:16 PM
10 Questions with Zhou Tong

May 30, 2012 bycoinabul

A 17 year old coder and entrepreneur named Zhou Tong (pictured above) created a website last year. The growth that his website exhibited is inspirational. In less than 6 months was home to over one million dollars in assets. That young entrepreneur sold Bitcoinica a couple months ago and the new owners are having troubles operating the site securely. Zhou Tong is one spectacular, inspiring, and very young entrepreneur and I had the opportunity to ask him about his experiences. Hopefully the questions I asked will help others achieve the enormous growth his website generated.

Q: So, letís start out with the basics. What type of family did you grow up with? What portions of your childhood do you think contributed the most to your character and work ethic?
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