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Title: [For Sale] Nvidia 8800 GTX. works for mining not much else.
Post by: Skratch on May 16, 2011, 11:17:37 PM
I have a spare 8800 gtx laying around here that is really no use to me after I upgraded, I was going to put it up on eBay but I figured I'd try here first. It is really no good for gaming (well long term gaming) as it has had some damage from overheating and will eventually end up with a BSOD if the gaming gets too intense. Im thinking its most likely a VRAM prob cuz it only seems to have a problem with 3d rendering. Anyways it works fine for mining and I would keep it just to mine 24/7 but out of all the mobos i have laying around NONE have a PCIe slot so im just gonna get rid of it. Im not looking for much because its really only good for mining or watching movies.
anyone interested?