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Title: Donate to me finish my game!
Post by: speeder on May 19, 2011, 05:25:28 PM

I was making a game.

I got into some massive debts (mostly from building a actual arcade cabinet for the game...)

I got a job, and I started to do freelance...

But now, this mean I cannot make the game anymore!

Help me finish it, donate to my adress 19RARWsV8xxEKDELvZvz2MGjvtfkXnZwUx so I can have sufficient money to work on the game :) (also, I already have some BTC, if you provide services and goods I can use as game developer for BTC, I will be happy, this including design, PR, marketing, computer parts...)

About the game: My game is a ball and brick game, but more based on powerups than anything, you have to shoot, manipulate gravity, time, and do other things to solve the levels, also it has a scoring system resembling recent arcade games, where the perfect score cannot be achieved by doing everything, the perfect score can only be reached by doing things in a stylish way (like clearing the level really fast, or not touching the ball with the paddle, or...)

It is 70% done, I only need to fix some more bugs, finish a few systems, and them make the final version of the levels.

More info on

To those that are lazy to read, there are a (old and outdated) trailer:

If that works well, I plan to make this game free (including engine source), while make future games, those that are not free I will charge BTC, and I will make BTC-paid expansion packs for this game as well (maybe paid from within the game?)

EDIT: Photos of the arcade cabinet:

Title: Re: Donate to me finish my game!
Post by: Vandroiy on May 21, 2011, 08:29:35 PM
Looks cool... but I think you'll have trouble to get people to donate for your game unless they played and liked it. And even then, few actually donate in such cases.

I wish you luck though. I also have a game project I struggle to finish.

Neat how you built an actual arcade machine! 8)