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Title: [ANN] [POOL] Joyent West Coast SmartOS/illumos-based 10Gigabit Bandwidth
Post by: epipen on January 01, 2015, 05:26:24 PM (


I have just spent some time porting NOMP and some coin daemons to SmartOS/illumos and have launched a small site with a few pools on it.  So far we support Darkcoin, Feathercoin and Phoenixcoin with more to come later, including multi-pools and profit-switching.

Using the pool is really easy, just click the Getting Started button and copy the tcp+stratum URI and use a corresponding wallet address and you will be paid every 20 minutes. (

Title: Re: [ANN] [POOL] Joyent West Coast SmartOS/illumos-based 10Gigabit Bandwidth
Post by: epipen on January 01, 2015, 07:05:52 PM
What makes you say that? I've been using the pool for 2 days now since I've set it up and it's paying out fine.  I did just have some orphan phoenixcoin blocks after i moved the stratum server to SmartOS from Ubuntu, so I have removed Phoenixcoin for now, but it did pay out over 9000 of them yesterday... and 4 feathercoin blocks are taking ages to be confirmed, they just say pending.  If the feathercoin blocks orphan or otherwise fail, I will switch it back to the Ubuntu stratum server.  But I can assure you this isn't a scam.

I've been using Nicehash and Westhash to chew through a large number of hashes.

I implore you to find some facts and prove to me that this is a scam because I have put a lot of hard work into this pool.  I have submitted git pull requests to node-open-mining-portal to add support for SmartOS/illumos, SunOS and Solaris and I have made pkgsrc packages for litecoind and other coin daemons with the necessary patches to run those coin daemons on SmartOS/illumos etc.  Thing is the bitcoin sourcecode has SmartOS/illumos and Solaris support, but litecoin does not and every other altcoin out there is forked from the litecoin source code.  So when i'm done patching a few more coin daemons, i'm going to submit pull requests to all those coins on github so they can commit the changes necessary to run on a real Unix.

EDIT:  For what it's worth, I've switch the stratum server back to the ubuntu host as the feathercoin blocks seemed to be taking a lot longer than they usually do to confirm.  It should be rock solid now.  You may just have to wait for the DNS to update on the

PPS:  DNS has propogated for the most part.  It is working now for me.