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Title: Another vanity pool server
Post by: mskwik on July 07, 2012, 04:14:54 PM
So in my spare time I've been playing around with various bits related to split-key vanity address generation (See ( for more information but I didn't want to completely hijack ThePiachu's thread) and since now I've moved from the client to the server scripts I figured I'd open it up to the public if anyone else feels like testing.  The interface is fairly minimal, but it should do request handling and mining requests without a problem. (

The mining interface is compatible with the split-key miners that have been posted through /getWork and /solveWork (or any URLs close enough to those).  I have been playing with other data formats accessible by adding a version number to the request, but don't have any fixed version other than the default at this point.  The server fee is currently set at 5% or 0.001 BTC, whichever is higher, and the bounty value shown in the /getwork list takes the fee into account so is the actual amount the miner will receive for submitting work for that line first.

Still on the todo list:
  • Check pattern requests for feasibility before accepting payment

Feel free to share any other feature requests/problems and I'll see what I can do.