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Title: Would you like to win a Meucci pool cue?
Post by: jme621 on July 19, 2012, 09:06:19 AM
One of the local teams qualified for nationals in Vegas coming up in August. They are all just a bunch of normal people with normal jobs so the trip funds are a little tight. They are holding a raffle for a Meucci pool cue to be given away on august 12th. there is also a fund raiser tournament and stuff if you are in town and want to join in. the raffle tickets are $25 each, but to make sure all fees and stuff get covered, aka btc to cash, i am charging 25.75 per ticket in btc. if you prefer to use straight cash, we can do that also. below is the fliers they made for around town, and feel free to call any of them to verify any of this. I am just trying to help them get enough to go and thought btc would be a cool option. Kevin is the one mainly in charge as he is the one donating the cue. I have put an address at the bottom of pics to send btc to. no need to wait for me to be here, just send btc equvialnt of 25.75 at the time of sending to it and i will get you a scan of your ticket emailed asap and get the real ticket mailed out within a day. Should any sell via this method, i will be video taping the drawing and will post it. Thanks guys. And feel free to show up for the fund raiser if your close.

Images were big, just posting links to them

addy to send btc to: 1GjLjemREgE2XYN91n74ukMzQx2KjjPWYM

will verify btc value according to time it hits wallet and using this chart
its not rocket science as long as its close, its all good.

pm me after you send with your name, email, and address so i can email/send your tickets to you. also send the address you sent btc from so I know it was you.

Title: Re: Would you like to win a Meucci pool cue?
Post by: jme621 on July 28, 2012, 09:42:59 AM
2 weeks until drawing