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Title: !!!! Anyone Selling Parts of Bitcoins here Please ?????
Post by: dddanny1UK on February 01, 2015, 05:53:02 AM
Hi I am new on here and to bitcoins.

I want to buy 0.187458 of a bitcoin, Would anyone be willing to sell me this?
If they would like to get in touch with me and direct me to a site or what not we can do the transaction. I prefer direct bank transfer unless you live close by. United Kingdom. Warrington Cheshire area... Then cash would be fine.

At the moment I am on a few different sites which offer little communication and you have to be at a certain level to buy certain amounts and I dont want to buy multiple orders of pennies worth of bitcoins...
From what I can see 0.187458 is worth 31-32.

Thanks for looking, if you know anyone who is looking to sell please let them know and I will be looking to deal in the future also.