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Title: Alt-coin speculation = fun
Post by: smoothie on July 27, 2012, 12:55:20 AM
I think the price is too high now at 0.006btc.

No merchants...pure speculation.

I love the fun of speculation. I just refuse to buy at these prices.

Made my profit for now.

Have at it guys! FUN!...especially when you're making bank!

 :D :D :D

Title: Re: Alt-coin speculation = fun
Post by: VelvetLeaf on July 27, 2012, 01:01:38 AM
Pasa from previous thread :

Wow, the price has been going up since BCX made this announcement.  Talk about falling flat on your face. 
That makes sense. If you think BCX will succeed and are immoral, then the way to profit at the exchange's expense is transfer a lot of LTC in to an exchange and sell them for BTC during the fork.

If the attack is successful then the LTC deposit is rolled back and you can sell them again. Assuming there is somebody still willing to buy them.

In any case, lots of buying before the attack then lots of selling while the fork is being created is the pattern I would expect to see. Of course, that is the same pattern as a plain pump-and-dump scheme...

Thank you for weighing in Gavin.

Can we see more statement like that more ?
Gavin's statement (bitcoin developer) make litecoin drop to 0.005 yesterday.
Price is too fucking high now, I need more cheap coins.

Fake statement is fine too, a staff can come in and confirm that he's been invited to see the Amazon book in progress  ;)
Luke-Jr is fine too ;)

Title: Re: Alt-coin speculation = fun
Post by: rodmanqs on June 06, 2018, 11:42:37 AM
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