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Title: [IDEA] Firefox/Chrome plugin to accept bitcoin at major online websites
Post by: Elwar on July 27, 2012, 02:47:04 PM
One of the major questions of anyone who wants to know about Bitcoin is "where can I use it?". And you get the chicken and egg thing of only a few people accept them because only a few people use them, etc...

What if someone came up with a browser plugin that could detect the page of major retailers checkout page and add an option of "Pay With Bitcoin".

You click on the "Pay With Bitcoin" button and the plugin reads the page to gather the order product IDs and quantity and anything else dealing with that website. Then it takes you to another page where you fill in your shipping information and anything else needed by the retailer. Then you get a price in Bitcoin and you pay for the items.

On the other end, the company or trusted user receives the bitcoin and uses their credit card or other payment option to pay for the items and fills in the customer's shipping information.

On the back end, the person is getting bitcoin so they are paid up front. They could either charge a slight fee for the convenience, or they can just rely on the fact that their credit card company will give them cash back or airline miles or points or whichever. Perhaps with some companies, they give discounts for customers who purchase large quantities or give discounts for using their store brand card. It may not be a whole lot but if someone were able to be the buyer for and get $100k per month in purchases, that would be several plane tickets or $1k cash back or whichever.

The plugin would only need to detect various websites and then redirect to pages where someone keeps track of the checkout code of that company's website.

Could something like this work? Seems like something that would fall in well with bit-pay.

Title: Re: [IDEA] Firefox/Chrome plugin to accept bitcoin at major online websites
Post by: HostFat on July 27, 2012, 03:05:27 PM
They are already working on it here:

"Coming soon: browser integrated payments!"

Anyway, it's more then an year as I remember ...