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Title: DroidPro Motorola blackberry format android phone RRP 250-450.110 (UK)
Post by: jago25_98 on August 04, 2012, 05:15:16 PM
I got this off ebay because I'm used to blackberries and I hate writing on a screen, waiting for the screen to rotate and pulling out a damn side wards keyboard every time I want to write a quick reply to an email!

Got from ebay and you can test it but I haven't got a spare USB charger. It's a standard micro USB one. We'll test it with your SIM.

The corners are scuffed but the rest is fine as far as I can see.

Its unlocked and I'm using it on Three at the mo.

it actually has 11 bands so its very good for traveling and using local simcards.

I got a uprated battery for it from a reputable company rather than an unbranded Chinese fake and this works well. The only negative in the reviews previously was the battery capacity so this is good.

I looked at other portrait keyboard phones but this was the only one with a decent review so I had to get it shipped in from America. The key thing is that its no different and in fact just adds more band support. we can test it with your simcard. I've used it with Of and vodafone too.

I have a custom ROM on it at the mo so no Motorola bloat ware draining the battery and spying on us. Its a GB release. ICS wasn't ready for me but looking at progress there I think that will be stable soon as well.

Specs are almost the same as a galaxy s1, which is only really 5MP camera and single core CPU away from a galaxy s2.

I wasn't intending to include a charger but I can give you one if you really need it and I'll just use a USB sync cable for charging my other phone instead.