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Title: [1.25x Your BTC!] SmoothPONZI - The Fun, Easy, & Profitable Game!
Post by: SmoothPonzi on March 19, 2015, 01:08:03 AM (

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How does SmoothPonzi Work?
Send to the bitcoin address right above you, when the bank has enough to cover your payout, you are paid 125%!

What is SmoothPonzi?

SmoothPonzi is a new Bitcoin Ponzi Game that allows users to send BTC and get up to 125% back when the bank can cover the next payout!

How can I be sure you will not run with funds?
Everything is logged on the blockchain and payments are sent automatically when the wallet has enough for the next payout, making it impossible for us to steal funds.

How does the owner benefit?
SmoothPonzi has a record breaking 1% House Fee. You will still receive 125%, this fee is added to the total needed for payouts. Our tiny fee makes our games a lot faster than others!

The round has ended but I have not been repaid? What happened to my bitcoin?
As mentioned earlier participating in a ponzi game is a gamble just like any other casino. Sometimes you will come out on top, other times you will miss out on the return.

Why was someone paid before me?
If your transaction is not confirmed, the next person is paid. This is to prevent double spenders from ruining the game.

How long does it take to receive the payout?
This depends on the wallet balance and how many people have deposited.

Can I use an Exchange or Shared Wallet for FastPonzi?
If you use a exchange or shared wallet, you will not receive the payout to your address as you do not have control of this address. and Bitcoin-QT addresses are perfectly fine.

1LSUVm7DeZVKc4VbDekYT8nv5Dn8jSqkvS (

Title: Re: [1.25x Your BTC!] SmoothPONZI - The Fun, Easy, & Profitable Game!
Post by: fmaznet on March 19, 2015, 03:07:45 AM
tafla chaba
me pour toi rouh chouf kach bhim kima nta tahchilou